Girl’s Overnight!

“What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?”-George Elliot

You are never too old for a sleepover, right?  Living a well-balanced life for me includes some special girl bonding.  Every April my sister Trisha hosts a sleepover for me, her childhood friend, Pam and Pam’s best buddy, Moirna. We have been doing this yearly overnight for many years now and have all become quite close friends.  Do you have special friends to confide in? When was your last girl’s overnight?

Special events call for a special bottle of wine.  One of my favorites is J. Lohr cabernet sauvignon.  Red wine has an antioxidant called, resveratrol which might help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces “bad”, LDL cholesterol and prevents blood clots.  I’ll drink to that!

Alcohol in moderation of course!  Fill your glass and savor! 1 glass of wine is considered moderation!  So be sure to keep your drinks in check!

My sister Trisha whipped together a tasty salad for the girls.  Girl’s love their sweet and savory foods.  My version includes: Leafy greens, dried apples, cranberries, pecans, shredded chicken (just use a rotisserie chicken and make it easy on yourself!) and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmm!

To finish off our tasty meal, I brought along some mini cannolis.  This is truly the way to go, just enough sweet with out going overboard!

Well-balanced friendships are all about being there for each other and should feel easy and  safe.  Healthy friends make you feel good about being you.  You should leave your friends with a sense of renewal not a sense of being worn out. Some friends are just really good at sucking the life out of you, right? Try not to hang out with those friends too often!!  Choose your girlfriends wisely.  Try your best to surround yourself with those that truly believe their glass is half full or better yet, brimming to the top!  Do your friends make you feel good about being you?