Spinach, Kale & Farmer’s Cheese Quiche

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Hey Friends! I hope your week is going great. I am just traveling back from New Orleans. I spoke at Today’s Dietitian Magazine’s annual conference on the topic of FODMAPs. (No surprise, right?) I love talking about gut health related topics to a group of interested dietitians. Being in New Orleans was (of course), very fun too. My husband, Russ joined me for the fun. We did a power walk/run every morning which was such a great way to start our day. We enjoyed running through the garden district which was full of gorgeous homes with very ornate architecture.

We ate foods I have never had in my life, listened to some ridiculously good jazz at Preservation Hall, and met executive chef and owner of several New Orleans restaurants, Dickie Brennan who was just a nice person and amazing host.

Switching gears…and getting back to my regular work life…I thought I’d share a yummy quiche recipe. I love whipping up a quiche to keep in the fridge for the week. My boys love it as a snack and I love it for a quick lunch on the go.

Today’s recipe features farmer’s cheese which is a very low lactose cheese that resembles ricotta cheese. I just added spoonfuls of this creamy cheese to the bottom of a gluten free (and low FODMAP) pre-made pie crust along with spinach, kale, spring onions (green part only) and some thyme. You might try the Whole Foods Market gluten free pie crust (in the frozen food section) which appears suitable for the low FODMAP diet per ingredients.

If you have are interested in trying another farmer’s cheese recipe, check out my yummy cinnamon raisin farmer’s cheese spread –> Check it out here!

In other FODMAP news: we taped our DDW (digestive conference) recap–and I promise to have that up on youtube very soon! If you haven’t checked out our youtube videos, Toni Fiori and I have a few videos on digestive health topics….so check them out here.




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