Low FODMAP Cookbook Give-A-Way!

Hello Friends.

Today, I have another wonderful cookbook give-a-way!  Sue Shepherd’s latest cookbook, The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook.Sue Shepherd Cookbook

Have I been giving lately or what? 😉  This book features 150 gluten free and low FODMAP recipes! How great is that!?  I had so much fun scanning through all the wonderful recipes selecting which ones I will try first.  My first recipe trial was the Chicken Drumsticks with Lemon and Cilantro.  Check these little drumsticks out!  They tasted quite delicious!!lemon and cilantro chicken I have so many sticky note page holders all over this cookbook!  The Chicken with Olives, Sun-dried Tomato and Basil with Mediterranean Vegetables looks super yummy too!  But I am most seriously excited to try out the Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Brownies… (Hello…serious yummmmmmmmmmm!)

Oh yeah..I need to tell you that the lucky winner of the Greek Yogurt Cookbook by Toby Amidor is Rachel H. Yay!  Hope you like it!! And a big thanks for all your amazing suggestions and tips on using Greek yogurt in recipes and in your diet.  I am inspired to trial some of your ideas and I know other blog followers will too!  It was amazing to see how many of you can tolerate Greek yogurt which is so great. NO need to be too strict w/ your diet if you don’t have too!!

As usual, I have been busy behind the scenes working on my FODMAP oriented projects in an attempt to help you guys all out.  As you know–it’s been my mission to make the diet easier to follow and help you feel your best.  So…stayed tuned as I have some more fun to share in the next month or so.

If you want  a chance to win Sue Shepherd’s latest cookbook–just leave a comment on this post!

Note: Sue Shepherd’s Cookbook was provided to me for review and as a give-a-way from the publisher.


246 replies on “Low FODMAP Cookbook Give-A-Way!

  • Kellie

    I’d love to have a copy of that cook book! My family is new to having to plan meals around a special diet so it would definitely be helpful!

  • Liz

    Low FODMAP has been a game changer! I’d love the cookbook so that I have good recipes on hand every day that my family will also love!

  • Enka Perinaj

    Hi Kate,

    saw your post on Instagram and decided to come over and drop you a line that would be amazing to have Sue Shepherd’s latest cookbook, The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook. I am practising in Prague, Czech Republic where concept of FODMAP is not known and am trying to popularise that concept and help all those folks struggling with ibs.

    Every single book I have in my collection about nutrition, wellness I have to order via amazon.com or amazon.co.uk bcoz here is no books like this.
    If I had that opportunity to win that great recipe book that would be simply fantastic and very helpful for my practice, spreading the word:)

    Warm greetings from Prague

  • SusanR

    Ooh, I just bought Sue Shepherd’s book, “The Complete Low FODMAP Diet”. The cookbook would be a great supplement!

  • Melissa

    I would love a low-fodmap cookbook. It is sometimes really hard to come up with new options than the ones we know work.

  • Regina P.

    All of those recipes sound so good! I think this would be a great way to prepare meals that everyone in my family will enjoy, especially brownies!!

  • Joanna Thies

    Kate – this cookbook looks amazing. I hope I win a copy! Thank you for all that you do for all of us that are “digestively” challenged!

  • Victoria Coglianese

    This is the first low-FODMAP cookbook I have ever seen! Very exciting for myself as a dietitian-to-be and current follower of a low-FODMAP diet, on doctor’s orders. I know that this kind of diet is increasingly being prescribed to people with various dietary-related issues. It definitely requires a dietary facelift, but I know from my experience that, once accustomed, it’s actually quite satisfying. But I would love a thorough cookbook like this (have never seen one before!) for myself as well as for future clients who need some motivation on eating what’s right for them while still being satisfied. It would also be great for my own family to see firsthand what makes up this kind of diet. Sometimes family is the toughest client 🙂

  • Amy OnFyre

    I would love this book! I suffer from SIBO and FODMAP issues, one daughter has fructmal with classic symptoms and my other daughter reacts with OCD and trichotillomania…I NEED recipes!

  • Mary Ann Van Houzen

    I have enjoyed your posts, answering the questions and your recipes! I love to bake and cook and have found so many recipes that my husband and family enjoy that are low FODMAP. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this site!

  • Rachel

    This is such an amazing giveaway. The FODMAP lifestyle has truly changed my life and being a teenager with a long list of digestive problems is very tricky. So blessed!

  • Nancy

    I am excited about this cookbook; her other FODMAP book has been one of the most informative ever on the subject of IBS.

  • Kasia K

    This looks amazing! I’m an expat, currently in Cyprus which makes it very difficult to find recipes, inspiration or even ingredients to make the small amount of low FODMAP meals that I know of. I would love some more inspiration!

  • Diana G

    Has really helped with heartburn and D. Would love to find more options for cooking with this book. thanks.

  • Joannie

    Having been dying to get this book, but just can’t afford it right now. I have been spreading the word. Just had a friend come to visit who has never heard of FODMAPS and has been suffering for years! She is now on board and just bought your book! We love you!

  • Karen

    This cookbook looks amazing! There’s nothing like browsing through a good cookbook, but since I’ve been on the low FODMAP diet I just find them depressing. It would be great to have a cookbook full of recipes I can actually eat 🙂

  • lauren

    it is so encouraging to know that there are folks around the world who are doing their best to research and educate others on FODMAPs. 🙂
    adhering to a low FODMAP/dairy free/gf diet is making me feel 10,000% better and i look forward to more recipe sharing on your blog.

  • Elaine Savage

    Don’t know if I’d be eligible to win as I’m in the UK but just a big thank you anyway for all the great posts and for your patience with all our many fodmaps questions!

  • Laury Hunt

    Yay that there are more options out there. Hope there are some in this book that can be prepared and frozen for those times I’m too wiped to cook (or too lazy 🙂

  • Laura

    This looks excellent! I have a few gluten free cookbooks but none that are in the Low FODMAP category. Those drumsticks look delicious!!

  • Nancy V in Virginia

    Would LOVE to have this cookbook! My hubby does better on a Low FODMAP diet and I’m always looking for ways to make our meals delicious without attacking his sensitive tummy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • suzanne

    Thanks to Sue Shepherd and all at Monash for continuing to guide us FODMAPers, we all appreciate the hard work, thanks Kate to you too for giving us support and for the opportunity to win this new book of goodies!
    Suzanne 🙂

  • Bee

    Learning about FODMAPS changed my life – so grateful to you and other RDs whose blogs and books have helped immeasurably! I love cooking & would love to win this book!

  • Beverly

    Thank you, Kate for all your great information on the low FODMAP diet, your fabulous recipes, and the opportunity to win a cookbook. This diet really works!

  • Sarah

    I’ve been searching everywhere for a Low FODMAP cookbook! None of the libraries or bookstores in my area have anything. I’ll have to check this one out more.
    Thanks for being a great resource! This is one of my most visited sites 🙂

  • Gail Lundrigan

    Thank you Kate for all that you do. Your Gerber’s Graduates tip has come in handy for me several times already. Your tips and information are greatly appreciated. I’m learning how to manage my four food intolerances better. Learning from all you bloggers out there as well. I feel better after just two weeks. Thank you all !!!

  • Michelle

    Yay! What am awesome give-a-way! This style of eating has helped me more than I can explain. I would love the opportunity to win this cookbook! Thank you!

  • Mary

    Thanks so much for the info Kate. I’m so glad to have found this website! Your help has been much appreciated as I work through my digestive issues.
    All these years I have thought the carbs were bothering me when really it was the high fructan veggies. I’m looking forward to working with you….this cookbook looks wonderful!

    All the best!

  • Eileen

    Just getting off of the elimination and phase and could use some inspiration.
    Regardless of if I win it or not, thanks for all your support & for bringing us all together to help each other out

  • Nina

    Hi Kate! I’m new to your website & the fodmap diet! This book and your site looks so great! I cant wait to read more.

  • Claire

    Been desperately trying to find low fodmap recipies…and its near impossible! This would be super helpful!!

  • Karina

    Thankyou for your wonderful blog Kate! I am on the fodmap diet, and live in australia, even though the leading research for this diet is coming from australia, most people here still don’t know how to cater for it, or choose not to.
    You blog is saved on my ipad so that I can stay up to date with your recipes and ideas.

  • Jolante

    I have been very encouraged to say what a great help you have been on your site as well as through personal emails with my struggle with IBS! Thank you so much for all your hard work and fabulouse advice!

    • Jolante

      And yes I would love to win a copy of this fabulouse book! Because of all your hard work here I have been able to steer my sister who has chrones and several friends who suffer with IBS in the low FODMAPs direction! Would be fantastic to have some new recipes to share with them! As always you are truely awesome and I couldn’t have survived the last couple months without all your help!

  • Cyndi

    First can I say when I found the 21 day diet I was suffering — now I know what I can and can’t eat and I just have to say thank you. I would love having this amazing collection of recipes because me and my tummy are so happy these days we actually love cooking and eating. Thanks again for your help.

  • Kim

    I love Sue Shepard, and I need that cookbook to help me actually follow the low FODMAP diet! I convinced both of my sisters-in-law to do it, but haven’t succeeded myself.

  • Dvora

    Since it seems I will be eating this way for the long haul (and I need to cook meals that the whole family will like), this cookbook would be so helpful!

  • Cathy

    So happy to have found this diet and to have met with you for guidance. Would love this cookbook for inspiration!

  • Jessica

    I’m always looking for new, creative ideas related to the FODMAP recipes. I saw a recipe for BBQ sauce online and followed it exactly… it’s out there is way too much vinegar in that recipe for me!

    I would love the opportunity to make some new delicious meals. =)

    Thanks for your awesome blog posts!

  • Patty

    The book looks amazing. We have 2 members of our family that have been helped tremendously by the low FODMAP diet. Your blog has been a godsend for us! Thank you for making a frustrating issue easier!

  • Terri

    I would love this cookbook!! I am new to FODMAP and I have had such a hard time finding things to eat. I have been losing a lot of weight, not intentionally… This meal looks fabulous! I think everyone in the family would enjoy it and it looks like something I would enjoy eating! Thank you so much for all of your good advice!!

  • Vanessa K.

    I was on FODMAP for 2 months and recently fell off with family travels. It’s funny, but I almost forgot how terrible I feel when I go back to “normal” eating. Looking forward to trying new recipes and getting back on track. =) Thank you, your blog has helped me more than you could imagine…

  • Linda dc

    Since April I have been on the Fodmap diet and it has been such a dramatic change to my health, I have now started putting on weight finally after 2 years of losing weight I was down to 48 kilo! Learning to make fodmap friendly food is still a challenge and I tend to eat plain, so an inspiring recipe book from the wonderful Dr.Sue Shepherd is extremely helpful. Thank you Kate for your fantastic blog too 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Thank you Kate for your inspirational, fun and educational posts! I felt alone and defeated for so long but after stumbling across your website, I was hopeful and motivated to find answers and inform others. Your grocery store checklist has been the foundation of my meal planning and I cannot thank you enough! I’m looking forward to the new cookbook and viewing your updated blog.

  • Garnet Davis

    Thanks for your great information! I would love a chance to win the FODMAP free cookbook. I love to cook and this would make life so much easier!

  • leah

    this cookbood sounds amazing. been doing the Low Fodmap diet on my own for a almost two years and would love to include my family in it more. many of my chidlren/grandchildren need some digestive help. Thank you for your advice so far!!

  • Nana

    Thanks for making this cookbook available! Adapting recipes take time and forethought…both difficult to find 😉

  • Margaret Eckman

    I’d love a chance at the cookbook; I’ve got to learn a new way to cook for my son, and this would help!

  • Sarah Snider

    The low-fodmap diet has significantly helped me, although it has not been a cure-all for my multiple complex digestive diseases. I have had my eye on this cookbook for a while and would love a chance to win it! Thanks!

  • Jana Balaban

    I enjoy your emails. Thanks. Very helpful.

    Also thank you very much for introducing the cookbook. Looks like it has great recipes.

  • Jan Messali

    I appreciate the low Fodmap information and recipes you share. I love to cook but have a difficult time adapting my recipes to be low Fodmap. This cookbook sounds great. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Thanks so much for this give away! It encourages and helps so many people including myself. I would love to win such an amazing cookbook.

  • Mallory

    As a new dietitian, I use your website a lot as a great resource for some of my clients. Would definitely love to have Dr. Shepherd’s cookbook as well! How cool!!

  • Cindy

    Hi Kate! Thanks for yet another great post and giveaway. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Thanks for helping all of us!

  • Nancy

    What a great cookbook this would be to have on hand. And the food in the photo looks so delicious! Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  • Rachel Hamilton

    Ooh I’d love this cookbook-I have extreme IBS and my boyfriend has Crohn’s (what a pair!) so this would make mealtimes a lot more fun for us! I could surprise him with a meal for once!

  • Tara B.

    Cheers to you for your wonderful giving spree! It’s fabulous of you and a huge thank you to Monash U and all of their hard work. I was a vegan/vegetarian for 8 years and then last year I developed all of these food intolerances and going to a diet that is primarily Paleo with FODMAPs diet built in has been a huge undertaking and a bit of a philosophy switch…but it’s the only thing that fixes all of the side effects of the food issues. Thank you for the chance to win the cookbook…I never venture out to cook anything more than bland meat and veggies. It’s a whole new world for me!

  • Scotti Rodgers

    If this cookbook is anything like your Low FODMAP Cooking E cookbook then it too will be used on a weekly basis. Almost all the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are gone for this week as my husband and I both eat them. The Maple Granola, Framer’s Market Frittata, and Spinach, Brie and Walnut Salad are some of our other favorites. We eat the granola most mornings. So yes, I would love a copy of the Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook. Thanks for the offer and also the blog.

  • Bev

    At 67 I finally was led to the Low FODMAP diet. Have had my problems since 23 and no one knew what to do. Would love to have more ideas on what to make. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Paul Kelly

    Awesome. It seems like overnight we are going from no support for people in the US with fructose malabsorption to a lot. You are a lifesaver.

  • Gabriela Gardner

    I want the book!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for posting recipes and making it easy for our patients to follow this diet.

  • Ann

    Hi – Thank you so much for all the resources on your website. Would love to add that cookbook of recipes I can actually eat to my ever expanding library of cookbooks filled with recipes that I can’t eat!

  • Karen Trevey

    I would LOVE to win the Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook. I’m relatively new to the need for low FODMAP and am struggling to find appropriate recipes.

    Kate, I’m so thankful for your blog.


  • Ana

    Hi Kate,

    It is just amazing what you are doing for us!
    We all appreciate all your efforts to make life easier for us.
    I hope I am the winner, if not I will order the cook book~


  • Lesley

    I have recently been following your blog and it has been a life saver!! This book would help me on my journey to become fully on a low FODMAP diet.

  • Caitlin S.

    I’d love this new cookbook! The FODMAP diet has forced me to change almost every single go-to-meal I had, so any new and helpful recipes are always welcome!! 🙂

  • Judy DiVIncenzo

    Looks like a valuable book with a lot of great stuff! On another note, it seems that many women I know seem to experience symptoms for the first time, or much greater symptoms, during menopause. I haven’t seen much addressing this. Are you aware of any information about this?
    PS Great Blog!

    • katescarlata

      Yes, Judy, hormonal changes during perimenopause can contribute to bloating and digestive distress. As we age, a decline in stomach acid may also play a role in our gut bacteria balance–which also contributes.

  • M Maxwell

    I love to cook and have been gathering as many FODmap recipes as I can. Would love the book. Your posts are wonderful.

  • Shari

    Your blog and great ideas on getting healthy were recommended by a faithful follower of yours (thanks Debbie!). I have seen the amazing change in her and look forward to getting healthier as well. Thank YOU for sharing with all of us!

  • Helen Ames

    Kate, I would love to win this book because….the author is THE authoratative expert in the FODMAP world, the ingredients will be tummy friendly, the photos can’t help but inspire and who doesn’t love new taste combinations coming out if the land of OZ. I cook for my young adult daughter who has a dairy/soy allergy and is struggling with a multi system connective tissue disorder which also affects her GI tract. I am always on the look out for new and interesting ways in which to support her to achieve and maintain good health…..food inevitably is my default therapy! The Food Allergy Survival Guide (Melina, Stepaniuk, Aronson) has been my go-to book ….this one would nicely round out my “safe” recipe options.
    Thank you for your upbeat blog and the cutting edge news from the research world that you so willingly share with us all!

  • lily

    I am very greatful to both Sue Shepherd ( and her Fodmap diet) and to you, Kate, for bringing a solution to our problems. This diet needs to be more known in Europe.Thanks and kind regards

  • Heather

    I would love to win a copy of this cookbook! I have so many things I want to try, and the Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Brownies sound delicious! Thanks!

  • Valerie Yasner

    I love to cook creatively with all our CSA box produce but virtually stopped cooking once diagnosed with IBS. Recently with your two cookbooks I’ve rediscovered the kitchen and yummy food again. I would love this cookbook to continue exploring the world of healthy low fodmap cooking! Thanks for the opportunity and all the great work you are doing!

  • Ronne Cosel

    Finding your website and blog has been a lifesaver for me. Being a cook and a baker all my life the low FODMAP diet presents significant challenges and I am truly grateful for the help and insight I receive here. Thanks so much. I am inspired.

  • Sarah

    Fairly new to this diet and am so bored with my regular food already. I would love to have this cook book to help me find some great things for my family and me. Thanks for the opportunity and all of your help.

    • Angela

      I look forward to all of your posts and appreciate that you are sharing with so many of us that are trying to find the best foods for our bodies! I would love this book! I need more options like the rest of the people here, so I can have a more functional day.

  • Casey

    About a year ago, I went in to the doctor to discuss a feeding tube because I had lost so much weight. It felt like anything and everything I put in my mouth resulted in stabbing, uncontrollable pain. I’d been through every invasive test in the book. My blood pressure was too low, I couldn’t stand for long periods of time and was on pain killers around the clock (if they masked the pain I could force myself to eat right?)

    Determined not to live the next 50 years with a tube in my stomach (I am 23), I went and got another opinion and the new doctor suggested this diet. I was discouraged because I felt like I’d been through every diet known to man and didn’t have a ton of confidence in it. It’s been a slow process, but day by day, I’ve felt myself get stronger. I started eating solid foods again and making small steps in the right direction.

    Now I am back into a healthy weight range. I’ve started using my kitchen again and getting my life back. I want to thank you for your inspirational blog. The resources you have provided thus far have been essential in my recovery. I am so excited that books like this are out on the market and that they are helping spread the word to those who may be suffering as I was.

    I applaud your work and can’t thank you enough.

  • Krystle M

    Hi Kate! Thanks for making the switch to a low FODMAP diet easier to navigate! I would love to be entered for a chance to win Dr. Shepherd’s cookbook!

  • Shan

    I would love a copy of this cookbook! Thanks for all of your blog posts too, they have been so helpful to a FODMAP newbie like me…

  • Katie Lynch

    I would love this cookbook. I have been collecting recipes online but having one book with lots of different recipes would be fantastic.

  • Jessica

    What a great giveaway! This cookbook would be an excellent resource to help with cooking for family and friends who struggle with IBS and share recipes with clients!

  • Becky

    I have been following a low FODMAP diet since my recent diagnosis with Fructose Malapsorption. My nutritionist is the one who highly recommended your blog and I am sooo thankful she did! I would LOVE to win this cookbook!
    Thanks for all of your tips and all you are doing for us!

  • Ellen M

    Hi Kate. I am relatively new to this food plan you you came highly recommended from a friend. Would love to explore these recipes

  • Maryann

    Am so happy I stumbled across your website! I love forward to your blogs and have been busy trying the recipes you recommend. For a beginning cook who’s got a tender tummy, I’m always looking for good cookbooks who’s food will taste great for everyone but also agree with my stomach. This book looks like a great blend of those two worlds!

  • Diane L

    Dear Kate
    My doc told me about the fodmop diet two years ago. Then I came across your site in desperation to help my many problems, IC, chronic pelvic pain, IBS, which keep me home bound a lot of days. I’ve been on the diet for a few months now and it’s has helped. I love you’re site, it’s so beautifully done and you for taking time out with 3 kids to help all of us in pain on a daily basis. Would love a copy of your cookbook to hopefully find inspiration again to cook.
    Best, Diane

  • Renee Nenninger

    Thanks for offering the giveaway! The cookbook sounds awesome & I could definitely use more FODMAP friendly recipes.

  • Susan McFadyen

    Just finished the low fodmap trial phase so now I know what aggravates my symptoms. Would love to have the cookbook. Low fodmap has fixed my IBS.

  • Marcy Stein

    It’s so hard to find recipes that suit all my food intolerances. What a great treat it would be to get this cookbook from one of my favorite bloggers!

  • Jean

    If this book is a s good as her previous one, it will be so useful to all of us out here having to watch our diets. It has helped me so much. I would love to be in with a chance of winning a copy.

  • Terry Martin

    Thank you so much for taking the time to educate us about the Low FODMAP diet. It can be overwhelming trying to change from cooking your usual meals, especially for those like me with larger families. Your blogs have been helpful and encouraging.The cookbook looks great!

  • JDupraw

    Wow! To be able to make ANYTHING in an entire cookbook and know it’s all FODMAPs friendly!! YES! I need this book! I might just go order it on Amazon right now and take the risk that I also win it and end up with two copies!! Thank you!!

  • Mary

    Thank you for offering such a great cookbook. The Low Fodmap diet has been a game changer for me and a life long struggle with IBS. The bonus is that my family also loves all the recipes I have been finding which makes the daily dinner dilemma so much easier!

  • Deirdre

    I got the book from the library and have tried the double chocolate scones, they were great. I plan to try a few more from the book and am considering whether to buy the book (and the earlier one).

  • Terry

    Thanks for a great informative website. You’ve helped me enormously with my new dietary restrictions. Please include me as an entry in the book give-a-way!

  • Jill

    Hi Kate,
    Just started FODMAPping….is that a word lol?? I was previously treating my Crohn’s disease with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet but found I was losing too much weight and lacked energy. Following a low FODMAP diet has been much more manageable and therapeutic for my poor gut. I would love to try the recipes in the new cookbook!

  • Barbara

    Would love to win this cookbook. I need some new ideas for meals that won’t give me symptoms! THanks so much for your great blog and all the info you give us.

  • Joana

    Low FODMAP diet saved me after a year and a half of struggle with post infectious IBS. Sue Shepherd and Monach University are an inspiration to us all 😉 Thank you Kate for making the diet easier to follow. I hope I can help out too very soon 😉

  • Shelly

    Being new to the FODMAP and Gluten free diets I could sure use the guidance that the cookbook would give me. I need all the help I can get! Thank you!

  • Carol Benjamin

    These comments are a true testimonial to you. I have been touched by your care and concern since I first read the story and listened to your webinar. So much like me, my IBS got our of control after my mother passed away. I have lived with it all my life and just recently have been able to learn so much about it and how to live with it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. The offer that you are making available to your followers is just one more example of how much care. Thank you.

  • Debbie

    Hi Kate, I so enjoy your blog and I am always searching for new recipes to include on the low fodmaps diet! It seems that every time I try to liberalize the diet, I have a GI episode. I’m having a hard time finding variety in my meals lately and so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I may be lucky enough to win this time. Thanks for all that you do to keep us informed!

  • Patricia Foster

    This is a cookbook I definitely need…..regardless if I am chosen as the lucky winner or not! I am 3 months into my half marathon training and I need more recipes to add to my usual repertoire to mix things up. Thanks!

  • Beverly

    Kate, thank you for such a wonderful website and blog. I’ve been on the Low FODMAP diet since March – it really works!! Thank you also for the opportunity to win this cookbook!


  • Jill

    Hi Kate
    The FODMAP diet has change my life. Been on it for about two years. I live in the U.K.. Love your web site.

  • M. Huntington

    Looks super yummy….been doing this about 2 months…getting easier and I definitely feel better than I did! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kim ford

    I’m just one week into low fodmap diet .. This cookbook would be a great boost at this point!

    PS This is my second day symptom free.. I’ve suffered for many years with IBS.,

  • Keri

    Not only “want” but “need” this book.
    ultrasound found stones and bloods not happy either
    looks like an op for me and fodmap forever more
    really need this book to educate myself please

  • Helen midler

    Hi Kate. I am in Melbourne australia which is where sue shepherd and the fodmap diet are both based yet YOU are far more open and giving with information and ideas and tips and recipes. Your warmth and your generosity of spirit in freely helping those of us out there with gut problems is inspirational and very much appreciated.

  • Mary B

    Sue Shepherd is amazing. I would love to have this book as he first one was extremely helpful. What I found so amazing about Sue was that when I was first trying out the FODMAP diet, there were few US resources, and even fewer (like none) in Alaska. So, I emailed a few questions to Sue. She was ever so kind in answering them and helping me navigate the diet. I love helpful people in communities like this.

  • Randy

    I’m new to FODMAP but old to cooking and I love trying to modify dishes that are FODMAP friendly — thanks Kate, for introducing me to so many great ideas and recipes on your blog. I confess, my favorite pastime is reading recipes in magazines and cookbooks I’ve had for years, but now have to try to modify. It would be great to get a headstart for the fall.

  • Lolli Gonzalez

    Love all that you do to help so many of us that have suffered for so long from digestive issues until now. This book is a brilliant idea that takes the guess-work out of building Low-FODMAP meals. I would love to have it!

  • Tom Lebo

    Hi Kate, thank you for continuously educating us about this diet! And thanks for the opportunity to win the cookbook!

  • Trish

    I’ve just finished trialling the low-FODMAPS and, although living with restricted foods makes things tricky, overall it has made my life so much easier. Now I’m learning which foods I can tolerate in small doses. Recently I travelled to visit friends and family. Mostly I could take extra food and lactose-free milk with me, and my hosts had bought supplies. There was one day, though, when planes were delayed or cancelled, and my travel w as 6 hours longer than anticipated. By juggling what I could find to eat, and avoiding foods that would be the biggest problems, I managed fine. Thanks for all your posts; they have been helpful as I negotiate my way around this new eating plan.

  • MC

    Your posted recipes always look so delicious! I’m just getting into the FODMAP plan after a Celiac diagnosis last year with some lingering food intolerance issues. My 11-yr old daughter was also just diagnosed with Celiac (literally yesterday we just got her biopsy results) so I’m definitely on the hunt for ways to cook better for everyone in my family. This book looks like a great place to start!

  • Donna Ingram

    Kate, You and Sue Shepherd have been my lifeline!!!! I have suffered for 60 years, ever since I was a baby with this. As soon as I started the FODMAP diet I have felt better. I had a hard time finding out any information on the diet until I just happened to stumble on your blogs via Pinterest. I found out more information there that could direct me to other sites. No one here could help me. I would love the cookbook to help me get out of a rut of eating the same things over and over again. I was at my wits end. You have been such a great help to me.

  • LisaH2

    FODMAPS have been a great help to my digestion and I would love to have the book for new ideas and recipes! Thanks!

  • Lauren

    Love everything you do for us FODMAPers! Having now 2 in college I will be making lots of your granola bars to send off. I even sent a batch to Africa this summer with my best friends son. He was worried he would be starving over there. Needless to say they were a big hit! Keep up the great work Kate!!

  • Sherri

    Hi Kate -I am a cookbook junkie and would love this for my collection, but as a mother with IBS with a daughter who has both diabetes and celiac disease I would love to rather present it to her as a gift before heading off to university to start her Masters degree. I know this cookbook would not only expose her to healthy recipes but in addition give her confidence to master her skills in the kitchen.

  • abbe

    I typically delete the emails from food sites and blogs.. I always read and save yours. I thank you for your wisdom and advice. The cookbook sounds like a wonderful addition to your information.

  • Ginny

    Looking to learn more about FODMAP and this cookbook sounds like the perfect way to start! Hoping it will help me with my tummy troubles. Thanks Kate.

  • Sandy

    Hi Kate- I have never really read a blog! I have a 15 year old son who suffers from IBS, so I was just doing some research and came across your site. It is difficult to restrict food because he’s very tall, thin, and athletic- he must burn 10,000 calories a day!!! I just told him that he is really not suppose to eat apples and he replied that he will give up all candy, but he is not giving up apples!!!! I need some good dessert and snack recipes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge- Sandy Mac

  • Susan Lowenberg

    This sounds like a great cookbook. I would really enjoy owning it. Thanks for having this give away.

  • jenna

    Such a great resource..some of the stories in the comments above are inspirational, if it helps me as much ill be over the moon!I am new to the fodmap diet so this cookbook would be so helpful.

  • Helefran

    Assistance in any form, be it a cookbook, a blog, or word of mouth, is most helpful in bringing variety to one’s diet – a new source opportunity would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kate for your words of wisdom.

  • Carol Benjamin

    Hi Kate, in my comment, I inadvertently ascribed the author’s Life, Sue Shepherd) to you. Forgive me for such a faux pas. I read both blogs, info etch., so often, that I got carried away. Your story may not be identical to Susan’s but your care and concern is. Mea Culpa!

  • Andrea

    I just started the FODMAP diet and I would love a cookbook to get me started! Your blog has been so helpful!

  • Esther

    Would love the cookbook !
    I so appreciate all you have done for me and for all of us !
    Life is good !
    Thank you Kate !

  • Jess G

    The low-FODMAP diet has been life changing following years of unanswered questions and thoughts that I was just a complainer. I’m so thrilled this diet is starting to make headlines. Great job to you, Kate! I’ve learned so much from you.. and have even started getting “gutsy” in the kitchen. I’d love to practice with this book. Bland food, no more! Keep up the advocacy, fellow low-FODMAPpers! 🙂

  • sue

    I found this author’s first book a blessing after I was diagnosed with IBS almost a year ago. It has made my life a lot easier. I love to cook but don’t always have much time to invent recipes. Would love this cookbook

  • Carol

    Hi Kate! Thanks for this blog it really helps! I went through the elimination diet this summer and found gluten to be an issue. Now just struggling with making the diet daily life friendly.

  • Joy Hird

    I have Sue Shepherd’s “The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet” and it has been a great help. I’m sure the cookbook would only add to that. It would be nice to have a wider variety of recipes to choose from. Maybe I could get my family to join me for dinner again…

  • Paul

    Have been eating low fodmap for over a year now. Challenges fail, seems my SIBO is of the permanent kind. Would love the book.

  • Jess G

    The low-FODMAP diet has been life changing following years of unanswered questions and thoughts that I was just a complainer. I’m so thrilled this diet is starting to make headlines. Great job to you, Kate! I’ve learned so much from you.. and have even started getting “gutsy” in the kitchen. I’d love to practice with this book. Bland food, no more! Keep up the advocacy, fellow low-FODMAPpers!

  • Kate C.

    Hi Kate:

    I have been on the FODMAP diet since 2012 and have noticed a complete difference. I am a runner and would often need to create routes with toilets along the way. I am always on the hunt to find new recipes and means of preparing my family’s favorite foods. Having the cookbook would certainly help me accomplish this.

    Thank you for offering this.

  • Barbara Kautter

    My husband cooks for me. He would love this cook book. I am 76 years old and your blog on the Fodmap diet is helping me so much. I haven’t had the horrible IBS flare up since I started eating this way. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  • Julie

    I’d love this cookbook! Need all the help I can get in the kitchen. Also, I’m grateful for your blog and that I live in MA and can see you in person! You’ve helped so much already.

  • cherie behar

    As a new low fodmap dieter, I would love to have something like this that i can use to help me get started on the right foot. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  • Maureen

    Would love this book. I find it so hard thinking up new recipes, so end up having the same ones over and over again, then getting bored and going off track!!!

  • Lindsey

    I just learned about following a Fodmap diet after getting thru my worst flare up ever this week. I’m ready to be in control of my symptoms. Coming across your website has been a godsend, especially with all the recommendations and knowing there are others out there dealing with the same issues. Thanks so much & I hope to win the book so I can gain more knowledge!

    • Barbara

      I would love to have this cook book so that my husband can make the wonderful recipes for me. I am so lucky that I married a man that loves to cook!

  • Ruth Fisher, RD LD

    I love your blog and all your advice-it has been so helpful to me!
    would love a chance to win the cookbook-

  • Jane

    I would love help in figuring out good recipes that are gluten free and low fodmap. I am new to this way of eating, and hope and pray it helps me with my many digestive issues that the doctor’s cannot seem to help me with!

  • Terri

    Soooo happy to have found this website! My mom is currently on the fodmap diet per doctor’s orders due to a bout with diarrhea. She is a sweet fanatic and finding recipes has been difficult. Would love to win this cookbook to help my mom transition to a better way of eating.

  • Caitlyn W

    I’ve had IBS for ages (since childhood) and finally started the FODMAPS diet about a month ago and it has reduced my symptoms a lot! The only problem is, I’m a huge foodie (and love wine) and my schedule is super busy (I work full time and if I try to get in a run after work, I basically don’t have much time to make dinner) so I’m trying to find quick and healthy recipes that taste good! Having IBS is such a curse when you’re a foodie and a busy runner!

  • Sinéad

    That book looks great. Mum has been looking for new low FODMAP recipes. This looks as if it could be very useful. 🙂

  • Erin

    After a long battle with sickness Low FODMAP has changed my world! I’d love more ideas and options with this cookbook!

  • robyn perlstein

    Sue Shepherd is one lady we have a lot to thank for – her work in coeliac disease and more recently FODMAPS has really changed the landscape of health options in the toolkit – I would love a copy of the book to show others who have not seen the great resources she develops!

  • Leanne Shepherd

    I get so sick of eating the same “safe” meals and recipes from week to week that a new cookbook would not only be music to MY ears but also my absolutely supportive husband. I still remember the day last year at the Sydney GF Expo when I met Dr. Sue Shepherd – it was like I had met a rockstar!!!! Good luck to the lucky winner if it isn’t me 🙂

  • Pat Endicott

    I’m a recent convert living in the UK, do you include us in your free giveaways, if not where can we purchase these books?

    • katescarlata

      Give-a-ways might be applicable to countries outside of the US–depends on whether the publishing house is open to sending overseas. I have sent my give-a-ways out of this country. Sometimes if it makes sense to me and is NOT over the top expensive–then I will send it!

  • Jenny

    I would love to have this cookbook! I can’t begin to describe what a difference following this diet has made in my life. I would love new recipes to try so I can try new things and still feel great! Thanks for this blog, too. I read it every week!

  • Deanne

    I am trying to embrace the lowfod map diet and am getting recipes to make for me and my family. It certainly would be magnificent to own a cookbook of this sort, I didn’t realize so many people ate this way. what a great community.

  • Elizabeth

    We have just discovered the low fodmap diet in our house, my husband has serious tummy issues and we’d already taken him off dairy & gluten, but he was still suffering. So we are slowly working through the low fodmap diet & working out what is ok and not ok for him through the Internet & trial & error. Having a recipe book that is specifically set up for this would be a blessing beyond measure right now, as I feel quite overwhelmed by it all.

  • megan Smith

    This cook book is just what I was looking for. I have been battling with this diet for months. I’m glad I found your site!

  • Debby

    Just found your terrific site today and I’m thrilled. So happy to be a new subscriber. The information and the support here is just what I’ve been looking for. I’d love to win the cookbook.

  • Adrienne

    I’m just starting the low FODMAP diet and am very hopeful this can help me with GERD. I love your website, so much great info & recipes! Thank you for making it so accessible.

  • Katharyn

    I have this cookbook and am excited to try some of the recipes, but I noticed that soy flour is used in many of the baked goods. My understanding was that soy flour was high in FODMAPs. I know I definitely have had issues with it. It’s easy enough to substitute, but it’s something to keep in mind as people are making the recipes in this book.

  • Annemarie

    Hi, I would love a copy of your book! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease this year and recently just come out of hospital after a flare up. I’m astonished by what the dieticians are suggesting I eat to put on weight as I know my body can’t tolerate those foods. Processed food and cakes as well as sugary fizzy drinks it what they recommend! My sisters friend also has crohns and is treated at another hospital. There they talk about fodmap diet but not at my hospital. I’ve been researching fodmaps all afternoon and I came across your sure which has been simple and informative. Would love a receipe book to get me started and get my interest back in food. I use to love to cook but as my crohns got worse my diet became limited and then I found I stuck to safe foods which are not nutritionally great. I want to get back to my old self and cook for my family and friends again. Thanks

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