Berry Scrumptious Crisp

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I LOVE summertime fruits! And….berries are on the top of my list!  Are you with me?

Today I made a blueberry and strawberry crisp.  No special occasion…just craving a smattering of sweet stuff.

Fruit crisps, to me, are the most perfect comfort food dessert! Oats, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon are definitely good starters but I perked up the crisp with some coconut and pumpkin seeds too. 

I had some strawberries and blueberries in the fridge so cleaned them up and tossed them in my little vintage dish [I love this little casserole dish!] with just a sprinkle of sugar and some cornstarch.  Typically I would add some lemon juice too, but I didn’t have any fresh lemons :(.

Here it is baked up and ready to eat! Try to wait a few minutes to let it cool a bit…if you can!?

Ready to dive in…

I made my crisp with fresh fruits but frozen fruits work well too…just partially defrost in the refrigerator or add a few extra minutes to the cooking time.

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  • Jackie

    I was whining to myself the other day that I could no longer eat apple or peach crisp…BOOHOOO!!!! Now…this shows up…THANK YOU! I am looking forward to making this and enjoying some taste of summer again!

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